Chris Pilsworth

When: Tues Feb 11 at 7pm
Where: Théatre Mainline, 3997 Boul St-Laurent
Cost: Just 35 bucks

Q: What do you get when you cross a university-trained industrial designer with a professional magician who’s performed for 40 years?

A: Great magic that has been tested in the trenches and well made.

Close-Up, Stand-Up and Read-Up combines some of Chris’ favourite close-up and parlour magic with a sprinkling of theory for the thinkers. You won’t find any pipe-dreams in the lot. Nor will you find any magic that only plays to a camera. The moves have been worked out. The angles have been worked out and the scripts have been worked out.

You may already know about Chris. He is the inventor of the Cactus inside a Balloon Trick. This signature piece was a hit at the 4F convention, where Chris was asked to perform 4 years in a row, in front of some of the best magicians in the world. (The Cactus trick will not be performed, explained or sold)

With Bill Abbott, Chris released his take on the egg bag, called PB & E (Paper Bag and Egg). This has been a best seller with over 1000 units sold world-wide. This will be performed, explained and sold at the lecture.

Chris also has a great vanishing bottle routine that was tipped the first time at the MAES convention in 2016. His Air Borne Prediction is the ultimate in pack small, play big. It has been featured in several illusionists’ shows. You’ll like it too.

Chris’ close-up magic features some easy to perform card magic and some items with bubbles and carpenter pencils.

All of the magic is organic with real-world objects. Chris will have a limited supply of his magic and the rest is easy to put together yourself at home.

The theory portion of the lecture will help you to tailor magic to your performing style. This lecture was really well received at the 2016 MAES convention in Philadelphia. Bill Cook, a busy Chicago area performer, compared Chris’ detailed thinking with that of Tommy Wonder.

There is something for everyone at this lecture and Chris is excited to meet you and share his 40 years of experience with you.

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