Garrett Thomas

When: Wed April 18 at 7pm
Where: Theatre Mainline 3997, boul. St-Laurent
Cost: Just 35 bucks

If you care about magic as an art, you MUST see Garrett Thomas. Why do you do what you do? Do you want to take it to the next level? Just spend some time with Garrett, and you will soon learn how to further your magic in simplicity, clarity, and most importantly, how to evoke astonishment.

You will learn some of the effects that have made Garrett a favorite amongst top magicians. Also, learn many touches to be applied to your own magic.

A Real-World Magician and consultant to David Blaine, Garrett has performed in the world famous Forks Hotel and Bar, and now performs in restaurants and nightclubs all over Western New York. A member of the elite FFFF magic society, Garrett Thomas has performed and lectured at clubs and conventions all over the United States, and the UK, and is now coming to your area.

Garrett brings back magic in its purest form. His effects are simple, clean, well-thought-out pieces of magical art. Coins appear, melt away, and jump from one hand to the other in ways that defy description. One of his most popular effects, The Ring Thing, is a fast demonstration of finger ring manipulation. Garrett is well known for his sleight of hand, he teaches the tools that can be applied to many of your favorite routines, and he can restore new life to some of the moves and gimmicks you already use, or have in your magic drawer at home.

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