Jason Ladanye

When: Monday Dec 4 at 7pm
Where: TBA (a venir)
Cost: Just $25 (save $10 until November 26)

Jason Ladanye

After seeing David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China at the age of seven, Jason Ladanye knew he wanted to be a professional magician. Today, Jason makes his living with a deck of cards. Ladanye spent nearly twenty years studying with master magician and gambling expert Darwin Ortiz. In 2013, Ladanye wrote a best-selling book, Confident Deceptions.

In this lecture, Jason Ladanye will be performing all new, never before seen material from his new book, Game Changer. Here’s a chance to see some of the material months before the book is released.

In addition to teaching hard-hitting and powerful card effects from his Overpowered Lecture Notes, Jason will be sharing insights on misdirection, sleights, spectator management, character development, practicing and performing, dealing with hecklers, effect construction, and much much more. DVD’s, books, lecture notes, close-up mats and practice mirrors will all be offered at discounted rates. Don’t miss it!
Here’s some of the material from Jason’s latest set of lecture notes:

  • Royal Production: Find a powerful poker hand under impossible conditions. The deck is spread face up for the audience to verify that everything is fair. A second later the performer is dealing himself a royal flush.
  • Standing Out: A powerful opener that you can do anytime, anywhere, with and deck, for any number of people, standing, or seated… you get the idea! The performer produces four of a kind in a very visual way.
  • Catch Me if You Can: Play an easy game with a spectator. No matter what they can’t win! This is one of Jason’s top five all time favorite effects to perform. 
  • Ladanye’s Triumph: In Ladanye’s version, there’s no doubt the cards are mixed faces into backs… because they are. Also, the performer finds four selections in the process!
  • Liar Liar: A new-deck order closer that leaves your audience speechless! The performer offers to teach a simple effect but leaves the audience with a far greater mystery. (This is standing ovation material!)

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